My name is Kyria, and these days my husband Dean and I are sojourning as missionaries with MTW. I write to remind myself that none of us are lone sojourners. The paths you and I tread may not look the same, but this life is lived together after all.

Why “liaison” in the title? What do I have in common with this slightly archaic word? And no, I don’t mean the liaison that comes with inuendos and implicit meaning. I mean it more in its original sense of one who goes between. The word and I both have French origins but beyond that, the word helps capture the vision God has given me for language and gospel work overseas. A foreigner has a unique opportunity to be a liaison between cultures and people groups. I hope to be a sort of connector — a bridge spanning from those who help send us, to the Spirit’s work overseas, to the people we will live among as foreigners.

On a less serious note, I like the title because it’s only a bit different from the name of the song that people often sing to me when they hear my name. But I’ll let you figure that out…

  1. Johanna Fenton said:

    Hi Kyria, I learned about you from Esther Meek, whose book I am reading: Loving to Know. I am also a GIAL graduate. I am curious – she said you blogged about her book, but I can’t find it. Help me?


    • kyriaj said:

      Hi Johanna! Cool that we share a couple interests in GIAL & Esther 🙂 I looked for the entry I wrote on her book “Longing to Know” — it was posted June 16, 2013 & titled “Learning…& still longing.” You should be able to find it that way in the archives. Thanks for your interest! And happy reading of Esther’s wonderful work — I haven’t read “Loving to Know” yet, but it’s on the list 🙂

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