Third group of surveyors trained


Bagne leading an exercise with the eight research assistant recruits. They were to memorize a single phrase summarizing the goal of the Wolof research to tell potential interviewees.

st louis training - 6

Eva leading a training session in which each recruit read out loud in Wolof, while the rest of the group rated them.

st louis training - 34

Examining examples from the previous city’s research of questionnaire sheets filled out well and ones filled out poorly.

st louis training - 4

The obligatory mid-morning coffee and snack break!


In pairs, the eight recruits practice using the equipment and recording the answers for the first of the three interview sections, comprehension.





Above: The added bonus in City #3 was a spontaneous traditional song and dance session highlighting several of the ethnic groups represented in the surveyor recruits. Two of the eight recruits are ethnically Wolof; the rest come from at least three other ethnic groups. We saw traditional dancing from the Beliyan, Jola, and Serer cultures. (To catch a glimpse, click here and use the password: pikinediokoul).

This multi-ethnic — and therefore multicultural — blend in the group we trained is linked to the very nature of our research. In an urban setting, what impact does Wolof have as a vehicular language spoken by members of various other ethnic groups? Our recruits demonstrated that they may be urban-dwelling, fluent Wolof-speakers while still holding onto their particular ethnic group’s culture — dances, language, etc.

And what Scripture needs are created in this kind of environment? What opportunities are created for gospel impact through the local church? These observations and questions continue to motivate my teammates and I in our Wolof research.

  1. Bill Johnson said:

    Your last picture is striking proof that a picture is worth a thousand (or at least many!) words: having seen other pictures from the previous research experiences, I was in danger of reading and skimming through these pics and commentary. Suddenly, when I saw that picture of the woman student dancing and jumping, I immediately knew there was a new element in your letter. It’s neat that you were able to recognize the way that experience fit in to the overall framework of the project. Thanks for giving us an exciting glimpse into another aspect of what makes this research so important. We’ll continue to pray that God gives your team energy and perseverance to finish the task! – Papa Bill

  2. William Johnson said:

    I love the way you use photos and easy-to-understand explanations of what your research looks like.    Were praying!love,Mom

  3. Ezell, Gene said:

    This is so awesome!

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