City #1 field research complete

One city down, three more to go.

Above, I present one of the research assistants with his certificate from the training my SIL Wolof Research Project team offered; and right, my teammate Eva and I with two other research assistants.


Another assistant receives her certificate from Bagne, my team coordinator.


The SIL Wolof Research Project team, along with our 11-member team of local assistants, at the end of the week of field research in City #1.

Last Friday, we gave the assistants their certificates from the research training they’d completed and celebrated together the end of the field research in their city. Over the week, the assistants had conducted 230 interviews with Wolof-speakers.


And we managed to share a lot of laughs as they did so! (Above, my teammate Eva presents a certificate to one of the assistants.)


But we’re back to work, processing City #1 data and preparing for field research in three more cities. We’re just getting started!

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  1. Bill Johnson said:

    Pictures are worth so many words – great to see the evidence of answers to our prayers!

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