May 16: Bandial Dedication


arrival in Enampor, the largest Bandial village, for the New Testament dedication Saturday May 16, 2015

IMG_3961 IMG_3941 IMG_3944

attendees (visitors and Bandial) and chorale, preparing for the start of the ceremony


a Bandial leader speaking on the importance of the Bandial New Testament for Bandial culture and their language community

IMG_3801 IMG_3964 IMG_3977 IMG_3981 IMG_4001IMG_4007

traditional Bandial music and dancing


Wolfgang and Karine, SIL members who have been involved in Bandial translation and literacy, addressing the attendees in Bandial

IMG_4066 IMG_4071

the Bandial New Testament presented, accompanied by dancing and singing in Bandial about God’s Word

IMG_3808 IMG_3984

…and the dancing and singing continues

IMG_4092 IMG_4088

readings of New Testament passages in Bandial


Pray for the Bandial as they engage with God’s Word in their language!


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