February 15: A new cell group begins

Chairs: check.
Djembe: check.
Christians coming together to celebrate Christ’s lordship: check.

A new cellule (“cell group”) of worshiping believers has been launched here in the outskirts of this West African nation’s capital city.


A time of worship was held in typical local fashion, complete with hand-clapping, dancing, drumming, and singing in four different languages.


A sermon was preached from John 8:34-41, reminding us of God’s power over Satan, spiritual evil, civil and religious authorities, traditional practitioners. The group of local Christians meeting in a pastor’s home had outgrown the room where they meet. So, one of the families that lives further out has decided to start a new weekly worship service in their home. Here, in a city where Christians are such a small minority, this is cause to remember that “if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” (John 8:36). For the first worship service in the new home, everyone gathered together to celebrate and support the family. The members of the host family were called up to the front for a time of laying-on of hands and prayer for protection.


And then, since it wouldn’t be a celebration here without sugary, carbonated beverages, we concluded the inaugural service by drinking soda together.

All praise to Jesus who is building His church and who won’t allow the powers of hell to prevail against it!


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