2014 in review


January: my CCMI mentor, Nancy, and I at the end of a full month of MTW cross-cultural training in Brussels, Belgium


February: my bags and I, all ready to board in Pittsburgh for my one-way flight to West Africa


March: finally meeting up with my dear friend Katie, whom I hadn’t seen since college graduation, in West Africa!


April: getting formally introduced along with other newly arrived colleagues at SIL’s annual branch conference


May: a typical Sunday afternoon in Sicap Mbao spent with my pastors’ family after the morning service: “helping” with lunch prep, writing down new Wolof words, and getting my hair styled by my young friend Jean-Michel


June: taking part in a national church’s large annual Pentecost celebration in Djilas with colleagues and dear friends


July: my first birthday celebration in West Africa! What a gift to celebrate in country with Katie, who was born the same day as me, by taking an awesome trip to Toubacouta


August: Wolof learning begins in earnest! An afternoon spent with colleagues Clare and Eva at Malika, reading the Wolof New Testament and a book of praise songs and chatting with our friends there


September: a glimpse of beauty in the city in the middle of hot season: one of several glorious sunrises that I enjoyed from the rooftop of the colleague’s apartment that I was apartment-sitting


October: Me with teammates Kara and Donnie on a trip to visit friends in the village of Gobak


November: Learning my way around a new town in the north of the country — a new landscape, culture, and routine — for the sake of Wolof immersion


December: My Ndiayène host siblings and I (aka Yacine Ndiaye) on the evening of my tagatoo, when I thanked their family for a great six weeks as a member of their home


And what better way to cap off 2014 than with the wild giraffes in Kenya? I was blessed to take a get-away trip and spend the holidays with friends while discovering a different part of Africa.

2014 has been filled with God’s faithfulness in the midst of much change! Here’s to the year ahead and more opportunities to follow where He leads.


  1. Frank said:

    So encouraging to watch you follow faithfully the will of God. Thanks for regular updates. Will keep praying

  2. William Johnson said:

    So great!! Love this review of your year 🙂   I was very, very touched, moved, and driven to tears by your post about your host fam in St. Louis, and wrote a heartfelt response,  but it got deleted before I could send it.  Sorry 😦 Snow flurries this a.m., along with sunshine.  Papa says we’re looking for a snowbow!  We’re “hurrying” to leave for 2 days at Grandma’s.  Aunt Judy and Uncle Steve will be there, and tomorrow we’ll have lunch with the Uncles Twins and their wives, too.  Almost a full house! Happy New Years, dearest Kyria!  Greet the giraffes for us!love, Mom

  3. Peggy Michalenko said:

    Hi Kyria!
    Thank you! It was neat to see Donnie and Kara as part of your year. I am excited to show my first graders. I think I have some future overseas missionaries in my class! You are a great encouragement!
    Love and prayers,

  4. Mom said:


    I so enjoy your letters. And what a treat to see Katie 2X in pics. I didn’t know you shared the same birthday. Her wedding was last Friday and it was a dream day for her and for our entire family.

    God bless you as you press on.

    Bill Myers

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