Allez Africa!

*as you read this, you should turn up your speakers and listen to “Afrika” by Nuru Kane, my current soundtrack to prep for my imminent move!

Votre demande a été acceptée.
Veuillez vous présenter à l’aéroport muni(e) de votre document de pré-enrôlement reçu dans un précedent e-mail.
Nous vous souhaitons un agréable séjour.

Those words appeared in my inbox and informed me that I’m now pre-approved for my visa! This important sheet of paper is required to enter the West African country of my final destination Feb. 20. At least I think I have all that’s required… this is new territory for me of course. I will report to the visa office at the airport I fly into for everything to be finalized. So far it’s been a pretty painless process compared to many other countries (and it’s the same visa process that anyone wanting to visit me will do *hint hint*). Once on the ground, I’ll start another, more involved process to apply for residency.

Pre-approved! All I have left to do is report in country.

Pre-approved! All I have left to do is report in country.

In any case, I’d say I’m well on my way to becoming an expatriate in West Africa!

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  1. Joanne Baird said:

    Loved listening to “Afrika” Just got my passport renewed:-)

  2. kyriaj said:

    Glad you enjoyed it Joanne! So, now you can come visit :) I got mine renewed back in November I think — thankfully it was a quick thing!!

  3. Mom said:

    Woo hoo!

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