Flooding in West Africa’s lowlands


the road and earth eroded by the flood waters

Flooding has begun in the part of West Africa where several other Americans and I visited a few months ago. During the trip, we heard about the common dangers during rainy season. Now we’re seeing photos of what the dangers are. I think our team rode on part of this road every day during the trip.

downed power lines

downed power lines

The rains have washed out bridges and roads, leaving the affected areas without public water and electricity. The flooding and large amounts of standing water will also increase the inhabitants’ chances of contracting malaria.


ferrying people across where the road used to be

If entire fields are under water, we can be fairly certain that the gathering places of the village churches are also submerged. Believers in those villages often asked us to pray for permanent meeting places so they’d be able to keep worshiping together during the rainy season.


the long line of supply trucks unable to deliver to the town and inhabitants beyond the flooded road

We received word that the training center where we spent time with national believers is part of a number of towns cut off from supplies and transportation. Under these conditions, getting to a hospital when medical aid is needed becomes much more complicated. Unfortunately, flooding and the accompanying problems are not uncommon in this part of West Africa. People there receive seasonal reminders that mankind is not in control.

Would you pray for their safety, relief, and health? And would you pray that they hear the voice of the One whom even the winds and the waves obey?

photos by M*

  1. Michelle Gilchrist said:

    Oh Kyria, How sad. Are you still in the states? Are you afraid of your journey? I will pray for those in Africa and for you my dear. Keep being sweetheart J

    • kyriaj said:

      Thank you Michelle for your prayers! Yes I’m still in the States — I’m aiming to leave in February, but we shall see how God provides and how His timing plays out. And I guess I’m still naive enough not to be afraid! 🙂 Ask me a year from now when (Lord willing) I’m living there during rainy season!

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