Back in the US


My boat has sailed back into its American dock.

It’s hard to know where to start processing from my trip to West Africa. But I will say this: I lost count of how many times I thought to myself, “Man, I was born to live in a multilingual setting like this!” As I took it all in, my heart was bursting, ready to start loving that place, that people. Sure, it was only my first 10 days in the country; I’m sure it would only take another 10 for those feelings to wear off and for me to run into the real frustrations.

But still, I felt ready to stay and start living there. I know I need to be back in the US right now to raise the rest of the necessary financial support. But oh, I’m tugging at the line, wishing my anchor were down on the West African shores rather than here.

I know the Lord will get me back there at just the right moment, and I have lots of work to do in order to return. But for today, I’m reflecting, reminiscing over photos, remembering their songs and their bright smiles.

Bo jaf lakas, West Africa. Until next time.  

  1. judy hughes said:

    Kyria, I can really hear the excitement in your words to continue on with the journey that you have so heartily committed to. I am excited for what the Lord has in store for you here in the states and for your return back to Africa! I will not see you this Sunday. Greg is having a 3 vessel bypass on Friday. God is good all the time! See you sometime soon though! Much love, Judy

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    • kyriaj said:

      Thank you Judy! Wow, I’ll be praying for Greg’s surgery. I’ll miss seeing you guys at Chapel but let’s work on a time to visit soon!

  2. Marty said:

    Kyria, thanks for the update and the wonders the Lord is performing. Tom and I are praying for you and are grateful that the Lord gave you traveling mercies. We are not so far from Alliquipa – we would love to see you again.

    • kyriaj said:

      Thank you Marty & Tom! Your prayers were answered and will continue to be, by God’s grace. I’ll be in touch, I’d love to see you guys again too!

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